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Invalt sources, processes and supplies
sustainably produced natural fibres

Formally established in 2020, we have grown to develop innovative solutions for various material applications. 

Our services go beyond those of a material manufacturer. We see ourselves as a development partner with a solutions focused mindset, looking at alternative material options for manufacturers and consumers to decrease their environmental impact.

What is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial hemp is a fast-growing, herbaceous, annual plant. It can grow in height from 1.5-5 metres, has an efficient uptake of water and nutrients and is one of the most efficient cellulose producing plants. Hemp was one of the first agricultural crops, with traces dating back to 8000 BCE. Modern manufacturing processes have now provided a pathway for hemp fibres to be extruded into value-added materials.

Industrial hemp plants grown for seed or fibre must have a THC level lower than 1% across most parts of Australia and farmers need to seek relevant approval through the Department of Primary Industries. To find out more information, check out the DPI website at DPI.NSW

Why use Mining Waste? 

While natural fibres have great properties for most applications, they are limited in key areas including moisture absorbency and UV resistance. At Invalt, we source key waste products from the natural resources sector, upcycling them into useful materials. Incorporating mining waste such as basalt and coal into our fibres creates a unique aesthetic while increasing the durability and overall lifespan of our products. When designing products and materials that will last for their intended use, this is important to consider.  We look at it this way- If you cut down a plant and leave it in the field, it will eventually break down, however given the same time, a rock will remain in around the same shape. What is unique about our process is that both the natural agricultural materials and mining waste can be separated in a recycling process to create new products with limited waste.  

Why use these materials?

At Invalt, our aim is to identify alternative materials and products to support the divestment from fossil-fuel based products. Industrial hemp and mining waste have been identified as the most effective alternatives that can transition manufacturers to use more sustainable materials. From cost saving, to weight reduction, our products have the potential to be used across a broad range of products. Our current market potential includes:

  • Textiles 
  • Sporting goods
  • Industry 
  • Construction
  • Automotive and aeronautics
  • Defence
  • Food industries
  • Pharmaceutical

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