Industrial applications

Invalt offers high quality, raw hemp fibre that is processed without the use of any chemicals or chemical processes.

Bast Fibre

High cellulose bast fibre derived from industrial hemp can be used for an almost endless variety of applications. From clothing to paper, automotive parts to biodegrade-able plastic alternatives. There are opportunities in every industry for hemp fibre-based products to be used, all with a much smaller carbon footprint than the majority of alternatives.

Invalt’s long, high quality hemp fibres are ideal for clothing, textiles as well as industrial applications such as injection moulding. Our hemp fibre is available in wholesale quantities and is therefore suitable for high-volume applications.

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Premium Stock Feed Applications

Invalt offers a range of premium feed supplements suitable for horses, goats, sheep, cattle and poultry. Hemp supplements contain 489 known nutritional components including vitamins A-E, all essential amino acid, as well as a high fibre and protein content. All of our nutritional supplements are 100% Australian grown and processed.

Protein meal

Nutritional packed protein meal is an ideal supplement for premium livestock. Hemp protein meal, often referred to as hemp cake is often referred to as one of the most nutritional complete food sources in the world. Whether your animals need an improvement in coat quality, digestive health or overall wellbeing, protein meal is an ideal addition to a balanced, daily diet.

Seed brand

Hemp seed brand is derived from the hulls of the inner hemp seed. Seed brand is a great source of high quality protein, fibre, energy. Seed brand contains up to 20% oil mostly in the form of Omega 3, 6 and 9 which support joint and immune system functioning.

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Environmental remediation

Restoring soil health doesn’t need to rely on synthetic fertilisers and chemicals. Biochar-obtained by the carbonisation of biomass possesses a variety of incredible attributes.

Besides stimulating soil health, biochar provides a reservoir and conduit for soil moisture, soaking up water from over-saturated areas and giving it back to dry areas.

Industrial hemp biomass is an excellent base for biochar. Hemp can rapidly consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, placing it in the soil; where it can be used to encourage sustainable, long term plant and soil health.

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