Industrial applications

Through years of combined research and testing, Invalt high performance technical fibres have been designed to substitute carbon intensive yarns for use in industrial applications such as textiles, construction, automotive, marine and sports.


There are opportunities in every industry for agricultural-based products to be used, all with a much smaller carbon footprint than fossil-fuel based alternatives.

Superfine hemp/basalt yarn

100% Australian Hemp Yarn

Superfine hemp/carbon yarn


Through innovative processes, Invalt is developing a range of processes to manufacture sustainable, bio-based composites that outperform fiberglass, nylon and carbon fibre in key areas.

For more information on products and processes we are developing or to help us provide a unique solution for your business,
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As well as our current products, we are developing a number of new hybrid solutions to meet the needs of end users. 



Invalt is committed to innovative, new product development and as such, will aim to continually develop improvements to current offerings, as well as extend to new markets in the future. 

Hemp/Cotton Fibre

Banana/Bamboo Fibre

Hemp/Bamboo Fibre

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